Refund policy (MONEY BACK T&c)

1. Progress pictures and progress weight has to be uploaded  the telegram group on a daily basis with the date proof.
2. The first and last week upload must include videos with date.
3. Must have joined the weekly zoom calls and participated in the session inorder to clarify doubts and change the necessary to complete the transformation.
4. Must have following the diet & the workout plan as provided and update the progress tracking sheet for the 120 days.

Despite doing all of these, if the transformation is not seen (which we are certain won't happen as you are doing it under the guidance of an expert team), there will be a 100% refund of the amount paid by the student! Dates can be mentioned by uploading a video holding the news paper with the date every week. Sample pictures and videos will be uploaded onto the telegram group once the challenge starts, now let's transform in 120 days!