Personal Fitness Instructor

Job Description:-

                                          An Online Personal Fitness Trainer who provides consultation to program members and also guides them to achieve their fitness goals.
                                          Clients may wish to lose weight or gain weight or even build muscles. As a Fitness Consultant, you will teach and help them to exercise properly using workout and specific workout plans.


1. Conduct Fitness Assessments: Perform thorough fitness assessments following the FitX criteria to accurately gauge the client's current fitness and skill levels.
Goal Setting and Personalized Program Development: Collaborate with clients to define their fitness objectives, and design individualized exercise programs that align with their specific goals and requirements.
Holistic Health and Wellness Guidance: Provide informed recommendations and guidance to clients concerning health, nutrition, and lifestyle adjustments to optimize their overall well-being.
Educational Support: Educate and offer expert advice to empower clients in their pursuit of fitness and health goals, ensuring they are well-informed and motivated.
Workout Assistance: Offer hands-on support during client workouts, ensuring proper form, technique, and safety, thereby maximizing the efficacy of their exercise routines.
Innovative and Motivational Exercises: Develop and introduce innovative and challenging exercise regimens to maintain client engagement and motivation throughout their fitness journey.
Proactive Feedback: Take the initiative to solicit and provide constructive feedback tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each client, fostering their progress and success.
Positive Role Model Behavior: Lead by example as a positive and inspirational role model for all clients, embodying a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and representing excellence in fitness and wellness.

Skills Required:-

Motivational Aptitude: Demonstrates the ability to inspire and motivate clients effectively, fostering their commitment to their fitness journey.
Friendly and Personable Demeanor: Possesses a welcoming and sociable personality, which enhances client-trainer relationships and encourages a positive training atmosphere.
Proficient Knowledge: Exhibits a sound grasp of human anatomy and nutrition principles, facilitating the provision of informed guidance to clients regarding their health and dietary choices.
Passion for Health and Fitness: Displays a deep-seated enthusiasm for health and fitness, channeling a genuine love for these areas into the training process.
Problem-Solving and Stress Management Skills: Equipped with problem-solving capabilities and stress management skills, ensuring the ability to navigate challenges and maintain composure in high-pressure situations.
Utilization of Tools: Competent in the use of class scheduling, record-keeping, session reminders, and data analysis tools to efficiently manage client appointments, maintain comprehensive records, and derive insights from client data.


                 Rs. 15,000 - 20,000 per month(CONSTANT) + INCENTIVES*

Working Days & Timings:-

                Full Time: Monday - Saturday (8-10 Hours)

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