If you are a proactive and creative individual, apply now to expand your skills and make a substantial impact on our clients' online presence. Join us for a rewarding professional journey!

Job Description:-

                                        As an Instagram Account Manager, you will play a pivotal role in elevating ourclients' online presence through effective management of their Instagram accounts.This position involves overseeing various aspects, from content creation toperformance analysis, and acting as a liaison between our agency and clients toensure the delivery of exceptional service.


1. Account Management: Effectively manage Instagram accounts by leveragingplatform insights to optimize content and engagement.
Creative Content Development: Craft engaging captions, titles, and storiesthat resonate with the brand's identity and objectives.
Data Analysis: Monitor and analyze analytics to extract valuable insights thatinform strategic decision-making.
Performance Enhancement: Continuously assess content performance andapply data-driven strategies to boost user engagement.
Community Management: Maintain comment moderation in accordancewith brand guidelines, fostering a positive and respectful online environment.
Client Communication: Act as a clear and efficient communication bridgebetween our agency and clients, ensuring effective collaboration andalignment on goals.

Skills Required:-

1. Instagram Proficiency: Demonstrate a strong familiarity with the Instagramplatform, staying updated with its features and trends.
2. Copywriting Skill: Exhibit the ability to create captivating and effective copythat resonates with the target audience.
3. Analytical Acumen: Possess an analytical mindset to derive insights fromdata, guiding content strategy and campaign decisions.
4. Interpersonal Skills: Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills for commentmoderation and successful interaction with clients and their audience.
5. Organizational Proficiency: Manage multiple tasks efficiently, demonstratingexcellent organizational skills and multitasking abilities.
6. Social Media Competence: Showcase practical experience in social mediamanagement, data analytics, and client communication.


                 Intern Period Rs. 3,000 per month
                 Full time Rs. 12,000 per month

Working Hours:-

                 FULL TIME : Monday - Saturday (8-10 HOURS)

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